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Nailya Djumaeva was born in Samarkand district, Republic of Uzbekistan. She graduated from Tashkent State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan) and obtained a diploma with honours. After graduating from the institute, she had internship specialising in neurology. Her general work experience is 29 years.

In 1981 she participated in the training of the primary specialisation of acupuncture on the base of Scientific-Research Institute of Physiotherapy named after Semashko (Uzbekistan).

In 1991 she learned the method of electroacupuncture diagnosis and nonmedicamentous method of the therapy by Sarchuk V.N. (Rostow -Don, Russia). In 1994 she finished the courses on electroacupuncture diagnosis by R. Voll (EAV) with basics of homeopathy in Moscow (Russia). Since .that time she started using the EAV method with the scientific purpose.
Her first scientific work was about the usage of the EAV in the diagnosis of the very widespread disease in Uzbekistan infectious hepatitis B. With the therapeutic aim of this group of patients was used the nonmedicamentous method of the therapy - structural solutions (SS) . The scientific work was carrying out in the Scientific-Research Institute for Epidemiology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (SRI EMID) (the laboratory of the chronic diseases) in collaboration with the 1st City Infectious hospital of Tashkent. This work was carrying out since 1995 to 2000. The group of the patients was composed of those with the symptoms of the active virus process, who had had some traditional treatment methods of therapy without any effect before SS therapy. All the patients involved in the research signed the fully informed consent before the therapy started. As the results of the done work showed, the positive effect was registered in 86, 7% of the patients of the children group and 90% of the patients of the adult group. In the dynamics of the 5-year-period it was observed that HbsAg, which is the main marker of the virus of hepatitis B, disappeared in 60% of the patients being the evidence of the elimination of the virus of hepatitis B. The conclusions about anti-inflammatory and immune-modular effects of the structured solutions were made. In his commentary to abstract of the dissertation, the Member of Russian Academy of Medical Science V.P.Kaznacheev considers that this scientific work is relevant to very important problem of resonance geometry of processes of individual life activity and condition of his health and disease.

In this scientific work she have for the first time proposed the idea about the significance of the permanency of the structure of the intracellular solidly- connected liquid for normal cellular homeostasis and the possibility to correct emerging changes in the structure of liquid phase of cells with the use of structured solutions(SS) . Inasmuch as viruses are intracellular parasites and their replication is taken place on the cellular synthetic system of a host, so apparently, during the process of integration of the genetic system of a virus into the cellular synthetic system of a host, the change of the structure solidly connected with the DNA and other cellular organelles of liquid molecules occurs.
In her opinion, the renewal of a structure of solidly connected liquid in the therapy process by structured solutions can contribute to the disintegration of a virus from a cell synthetic system of a host.

In 2000 this scientific work was presented to the defence on the Scientific Discussion of the SRI EMID where was successfully supported by the scholars of Uzbekistan and got a further approval on the Discussion of experts of the Higher Examination Board under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

During the observation of the patients with infectious hepatitis B she paid attention to the fact that the main symptom of this group was the rapid reproduction of fungous pathology and Candida species in particular. After studying the literary data she came to the conclusion that this fact is explained by decreasing of immunological status of these patients and shows that there was a second immunodeficiency condition with the patients with chronic infectious hepatitis. During this research work she managed to work out the test to determine daily dosage of pharmacological drugs based on the well-known drug testing technique by Voll. The method of testing of daily pharmacological drug doses has been patented in Uzbekistan and the first information about the usage of the test in the therapy of candidiasis of digestive organs was published on the 8th International Congress of Pharmacology in Australia in 2004.

Nowadays she have been continuing the scientific research work in collaboration with SRI EMID (the laboratory of diarrhoea diseases) on the study of diagnosis and therapy issues of visceral forms of candidiasis with the patients with gastrointestinal affections.

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Dr. Naylya Djumaeva

MD,PhD(candidate of the medical sciences), Neurologist of higher category

e-mail : dr_djumaeva@hotmail.com

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this scientific work is relevant to very important problem of resonance geometry of processes of individual life activity and condition of his health and disease Academician of Russian Academy of Medical Science, professor V.P.Kaznacheev

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