I suggest a new approach to therapy of diseases caused by different microorganisms. It is for the first time that medications used to combat different pathogens (viral, bacterial and fungal infections) are administered not by traditional routes (e.g. per os / parenterally).

The therapeutic effect is induced by administration of not a medication but its characteristics because the therapeutic effect which was induced by using the information characteristics of a medication was shown to be identical to the one of the medication itself.

The originality of the method is that it makes it possible to target the impact on pathogen (viral, bacterial and fungal infections), located in different organs and tissues of human s body. Current therapy of viral infections applies approved, routine methods of anti-virus treatment. It is for the first time when it is suggested to use a method to disintegrate the virus genome integrated into the cellular structures of tissues as the method presumably impacts on virus that is integrating into the cellular synthesis apparatuses of host-carrier of infection.

For this purpose, so-called structured solutions are used which are based on the phenomenon of water memory; various types of homeopathy medications, nosodes, and organospesific preparations (produced by Wala-Heilmittel, Staufen-Pharma Gmbh and Co., Germany) are also applied

The obtained results of therapy of patients with chronic viral hepatitis C and chronic viral hepatitis B indicate the effectiveness of the used therapy. (Link)

The suggested method has no analogue.

The method was patented.

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this scientific work is relevant to very important problem of resonance geometry of processes of individual life activity and condition of his health and disease Academician of Russian Academy of Medical Science, professor V.P.Kaznacheev

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