An innovative approach to therapy of diseases is presented; it consists of an individual testing (selection) of both single and daily doses of different medicines.
Polyene macrolides (Nistatine, Levarine, Pimafucine) are proposed to use for treatment of intestinal dysbacteriosis associated with excessive proliferation of fungi of the Candida genus in intestines lumen (lumen, pre-invasive candidiasis of the mucous membranes, intestinal Candida overgrowth). The doses can, in some cases, exceed the generally recommended ones for the above mentioned medicines. The course- pattern has been developed for the medicines, the doses being less than those traditionally prescribed. Polyene antimycotics in the tested doses are not absorbed in the intestine. They contact directly with the causative agent and produce a therapeutic effect. No adverse effect or complication of the therapy has been observed as the administered medicines have no bioavailability effect. Poliene antimycotics contribute to destroying Candida fungi; they are the medicines of the golden standard in the therapy of mycosis; they bind ergosterols of the fungus membranes changing their permeability which leads to killing the fungi.

The patients complaints of abdomen swelling, increased gas formation/tympanites, belching, diarrhea can indicate the presence of Candida fungi in the intestinal lumen.

The suggested new approach to therapy of GI fungal diseases can be used not only for patients with primary candidiasis, but also for patients with secondary affection of the intestines reflecting a deficit of their immune system caused by the following pathology: various chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus, chronic viral hepatitis, oncological diseases, AIDS, etc.

The therapy of mycosis caused by Candida has specific features if the fungi are localized in other organs (vulvovaginitis, thrush, skin, etc.), then systemic antimycotics are used.

The method has been patented.

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