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Unique Methods of Viral Infection Treatment

An Original Approach to Therapy of Fungal Diseases

The medicine of future will be, in my opinion, a synthesis of advance of medicine of East and West aimed at achieving one goal: treatment of patient rather than disease.

Knowledge gained by mankind in ancient times and current medicine integrated and enriched by the latest achievements of science (Astronomy, Quantum Mechanics, Physics, Biophysics, etc.) allow physicians coping with such diseases which traditional therapy failed to treat.

The method that I have developed and suggest to treat fungal and viral diseases joins the following technologies: Volls electro-puncture diagnosing, which permits to evaluate condition of human organs and systems by the points of acupuncture on patients skin, as well as Structural Solutions, which are information recording of different combinations of various homeopathic and other preparations on water, remote transfer of preparations characteristics to human body with no direct administration of drugs, medicament testing of different doses of pharmacological drugs.

The suggested new approaches to therapy of diseases provide a new view on treatment of those diseases which were traditionally considered incurable or poorly responsive to therapy. The important principle remains to be an individual approach to every patient.

The author invites all concerned researchers and other professionals interested in new technologies to collaborate. Knowledge is accessible to open and pure hearts and to the mind that is able to accept new knowledge.

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Dr. Naylya Djumaeva

MD,PhD(candidate of the medical sciences), Neurologist of higher category

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this scientific work is relevant to very important problem of resonance geometry of processes of individual life activity and condition of his health and disease Academician of Russian Academy of Medical Science, professor V.P.Kaznacheev

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